Don Brewster

When Don Brewster first travelled to Cambodia in 2005, he was assured that other than poverty, everything in the country was fine. He learned the horrible truth just two days after returning to the states when he and his wife, Bridget, saw a Dateline NBC special. The topic? Child sex trafficking in Cambodia. Horrified by what he saw, Don says, “The very children I held hands with and saw running in the streets were not just trying to survive poverty. Many were living in hell, enduring torture… I couldn’t believe it was right under my nose and I didn’t even know it.” Learning this truth sparked Don to form  Agape International Missions, an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating child trafficking victims and restoring communities. Together, Don and Bridget have opened multiple homes for child sex trafficking survivors, including AIM Restoration Home (ARH)  and Rahab’s House, a network of community centers in Svay Pak. These centers provide health care and education to the community and act as a safe place for children to spend time. Now with the goal to fight trafficking, restore victims and transform communities, AIM has expanded to include, the Lord’s Gym reaching pimps and traffickers, the AIM Employment Center giving young women a career in textiles, and a network of Cambodian and US Churches equipped to fight trafficking thanks to AIM’s new training program. “Our goal is to defeat child sex trafficking. We will fight until we’re victorious,” says Don. “We need as many soldiers as we can get.” To learn more about Agape International Missions, visit