David Stirling

David Stirling’s leadership as chairman and CEO of doTERRA has resulted in one of the fastest growing and successful companies in the industry. He will tell you this is a result of having an extremely capable and experienced executive team, and great Wellness Advocate leaders.  David’s earlier experience includes a strong background in technology, overseeing global engineering efforts for a billion-dollar multinational company. He holds both a bachelor's degree and MBA in business. David and his wife, Laurea, have nine children, of whom they are very proud. In the end, he will tell you that "growing people brings the greatest satisfaction."

The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ is proud to be partnering with Operation Underground Railroad to bring healing and hope to the world. OUR needs partners like David to use their influence for good around the world.  Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad has been a keynote speaker at many doTERRA events including their global convention in Salt Lake City, UT.

OUR Rescue’s Jump Team, consisting of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives, lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts to rescue children being trafficked for sex. To ensure perpetuity and sustainability of these extraction efforts, OUR Rescue works with law enforcement in the countries where they rescue children to ensure that everything is done legally and with the support of the local authorities.  The children rescued from these extraction efforts are then rehabilitated by OUR Rescue’s aftercare program, and the perpetrators are arrested, tried, and convicted to ensure that they don’t traffic children again.