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Anuradha Koirala

Ms. Koirala is a  Nepalese social activist  and the founder and director of  Maiti Nepal  – a  non-profit organization  in  Nepal, dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking. Currently, Maiti Nepal operates a rehabilitation home in Kathmandu, as well as transit homes at the Indo-Nepal border towns, preventative homes in the countryside, andan academy in Kathmandu.As the name suggests, Maiti Nepal ("maiti" means "mother's home" in Nepali) has been a refuge for women rescued from the brothels in India. The women can stay in the homes run by Maiti Nepal until they are able to return to their homes, or if not accepted by their parents and society, they may stay until they become able to live on their own. Between 1993 and 2011, she and her organization have helped rescue and rehabilitate more than 12,000 women and girls. Maiti Nepal also works on reuniting the rescued women with their families, patrolling Indo-Nepal border with police and other law enforcement authorities and also rescuing trafficked women from the brothels in India with the help of Indian authorities.